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swamp_witchypoo's Journal

6th November, 2004. 8:25 am.

Had a good day yesterday. I started out by cleaning a friend's house while they visited their daughter in the hospital. They've pretty much lived at the hospital since Oct 17th, when she was in a bad car wreck. The accident killed her boyfriend and his sister, but she doesn't know yet. She just came out of her coma and her folks want to tell her before her friends see her and spill the beans. All her girlfriends think they should be the one to tell her.
After a couple hours of cleaning, I went to the hospital to see her, I was her first, official visitor. She looks really good for what she's been through and is making great progress. I stepped out in the hall while they cleaned her tracheotomy though and started not feeling right. I was standing in the hall thinking "I feel really strange, if I let go, I could have a panic attack any second". Right then I felt the blood drain from my face and knew I was on the verge of fainting. Thank goodness they were ready to leave just then and the color was "starting" to come back by the time we hit the elevator. I was OK in her room but standing in the hall waiting whooped my ass. I had no idea going back to that hospital would affect me that way! After all that I went home, ate supper and gave my stinky dog a bath. She even knew she stunk, she had been hanging her head for two days and I didn't even have to hook her up to keep her in the tub. Big ass Rottwiellers are not fun to bathe.

Current mood: good.

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3rd November, 2004. 12:00 pm. Visit from Gunny

I'll start my journal with an upbeat message. I got an unmistakable visit from Gunny yesterday. I was getting ready to take a bath and stopped to talk to Gunny's picture. I was telling him how much I miss him. Then I started talking about the street lights. (I'd laugh at him because it would freak him out when the lights turned off when he walked under them)I was saying there was obviously a short in one light that's always out and that it's probably just a coincidence that it turns on when I walk under it, it just makes me feel good to think it's him. Just then the stereo turned on (no timer on my stereo) and "My Girl" started playing. We use to go to Karaoke and Gunny always sang "My Girl" to me. I took that as Gunny telling me he's still with me and the lights are not coincidence. I smiled all day.

Current mood: happy.

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2nd November, 2004. 2:08 pm.


Current mood: curious.

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